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Short Term and Long Term Disability

Such claimants need to be aware of their right that in order or their STD (Short Term Disability) or (Long Term Disability) to be activated, they don’t necessarily need to be injured at work or as a result of work. These benefits could be triggered by the injury that causes them to be off work for a significant time. It starts off by making an application for a STD, which if injures persists later on turns into the LTD. The period of coverage is generally determined by the policy of the injured through their employment.

It is common for the Insurer to cut off the claimant unreasonably or in an early stage while being compensated under the LTD. We are here to help you make a claim against the insurer responsible paying out these benefits for a longer period as entitled and as supported the treating doctor of the claimant at a time.

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